What Does The Letwin Agreement Mean

The amendment that delayed approval of Johnson`s deal meant the Prime Minister was forced on Saturday night to submit a request for an extension of Brexit from Brussels to Brussels. What does it mean when it`s over? Well, I think it really depends on how Downing Street decides to play it. I now think they have the votes to get the deal through Parliament, and it is at least possible that they can simply provide for the Letwin amendment (although the perverse result by which the Labour rebels suppress the Letwin amendment and that conservative opponents of Boris Johnson`s No. agreement can not be ruled out, and in many ways not , this is the result of Brittany. It is now up to the EU to decide whether or not to grant an extension to the UK. If this is the case, the UK will remain in the EU beyond 31 October, but it would be allowed to leave the bloc as soon as it adopts an agreement in Parliament. This could mean a situation in which MEPs will vote in favour of the agreement – only if the people get a “last word” on it. This could create more problems for the Brexit deal and the Prime Minister. Winning the next sensible vote is just the beginning of a new phase of Brexit; This is not even the beginning of the end. Former Conservative minister Oliver Letwin`s amendment was passed by 322 to 306. That means Boris Johnson did not get the “yes” or no categorical to his Brexit deal, which he hoped for in Saturday`s “super session” and must legislate an extension. In short, it focuses on decision-making on Brexit next week. The House of Commons is part of the Brexit saga for a potentially decisive vote.

The amendment by Sir Oliver, a former Conservative minister, probably seems to have been adopted. The Letwin amendment means that Members have the opportunity to make amendments to the bill that imposes the agreement and, if so, to significantly slow down the process. However, European Council President Donald Tusk disagreed with Juncker and said he did not rule out an extension and was willing to compromise to ensure that the agreement is about to be ratified. Tusk said: “If there is a request for an extension, I will contact the Member States to see how they can react.” Mr. Johnson has repeatedly stressed that he does not want to ask for a delay, but has said that he will comply with the law if necessary. The current Brexit deadline expires on 31 October, but the Benn Act would try to extend the deadline to 31 October at the earliest. However, there was concern that the vote on Mr Johnson`s agreement would be interrupted altogether if the amendment was adopted, jeopardizing the new treaty. Downing Street said the vote on the deal would continue even if the Letwin amendment were passed, but would no longer be a sensible vote, but only an indicative vote showing support for the deal. But I think that, in practice, the question “What does the adoption of the Letwin amendment mean” is the question that will be decided by the government. The government seems to fully accept that the Letwin amendment is being adopted and makes its orders accordingly – and announces that a “wise vote” on the withdrawal agreement will take place on Tuesday.

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