Vsnu Agreement

This contract reveals the Wiley Online Journals License. See also the “Change the wiley agreement online” contract for 2020. UNSV S-Plan Statement: Ambitions Remain High, The transition requires due diligenceThe Dutch universities give Open Access another Schub Universities and Elsevier: six-month extension of the current licensing agreement (13-12-2018) – The Netherlands Read and Publish (Springer Compact) The agreement covering the cost of processing articles (APCs) for a fixed number of articles per year has now reached its maximum allowance for 2020. This means that the agreement will not cover CPPs for the institutions concerned until 1 January 2021. For more information, see: www.openaccess.nl or contact: oa.verification@springernature.com. To request the 20% discount for publication in SAGE`s Pure Gold Access Journal, a special code is required. You can request this code from your library. The code is requested at the time of payment of the CPA. Depending on the record, the author must respond to the payment email with the code that indicates the VSNU agreement or, if the system allows, enter the code into the payment system and automatically apply the code. After publication, the discount can no longer be claimed.

The agreement applies to 52 periodicals for the universities of Leiden, Groningen, Amsterdam (UVA), Eindhoven and Maastricht. From Gruyter Information on the agreement with De Gruyter on www.openaccess.nl The national open access portal publishes a list of 11,000 magazine titles subject to an open access agreement. The list shows the possibilities for (significant) discounts and is regularly updated. The list of titles is a new service, but also the result of the work in progress. No rights can be deducted from the information on the list. SAGE has reached an agreement with the Dutch vsNU institutions, which runs between 2017 and 2019. Details of the agreement are as follows: The 2017-2019 version of CLA is accessible via this link: www.labouragreementuniversities.nl/. An overview of the agreements between Dutch university libraries and traditional university publishers with an open access element from 2015. For each publisher, the number of open access publications is added.

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