Under The Ucc An Agreement Modifying A Contract Needs No Consideration To Be Binding

On June 12 or 13, 1963, three gunmen entered the First State Bank, Eubank, Kentucky, and stole the bank with weapons and threats of more than $30,000. Later that day, they were arrested by state police officers Garret Godby, Johnny Simms and Tilford Reppert, who were arrested, and all the loot was recovered. Later, all the prisoners were convicted and Garret Godby, Johnny Simms and Tilford Reppert attended the trial. Options for land acquisition, if based on a valid consideration, are contracts that can be applied in a targeted manner. [Quotes] Conversely, what claims to be an option, but not based on a valid consideration, is not a contract and is not applied. [Quotes] A dollar is a valid consideration for an option to purchase land, provided the dollar is paid or, at the very least, competitive. [Quotes] In this case, the defendant received no consideration for the so-called option of February 15, 1966. Reflection is, with a few exceptions, a necessary part of a contract. This is the right deal for giving up something of legal value for something in return. The aim is to formally intend to award contracts and reduce hasty promises. Understanding the consideration is important in many day-to-day situations, including those where (1) a debtor and a creditor enter into a subsequent agreement, (2) an obligation already exists, (3) a promise is illusory and (4) creditors accept a composition. 5. A party who has renounced an enforceable part of the contract may revoke the waiver by appropriate notification, received by the other party, that it is necessary to strictly respect a fixed deadline, unless the revocation is unfair in view of a significant change in the position of confidence in the waiver.

Since the consideration of these option contracts is nominal, considering them in the written deed is usually a mere formality and is often never paid; Indeed, the nominal counterparty`s consideration is wrong. However, the courts will enforce the Treaty precisely because Recital has become a formality and no one is opposed to charade.

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