Stadium Suites Lease Agreement

What if I have to break my lease or not come back for the spring semester? The most important problem with this place is the fact that it is perhaps the least safe residential student area in the city. I don`t remember how many times I told someone I was living in the stadium suites and they made me say a version of “I`m sorry for you.” We received several emails from burglaries during my stay here, there are always people lurking outside the door and the leasing office, and as recently as last week, someone was stabbed two blocks away! The location is ok for football matches, unless you are not present, in which case you will not be able to return or return to your apartment on Saturday. We even had people who decided to set up their tents and tailgates in the street leading to the complex, and we stayed there for two hours to block traffic before the police showed up and moved them. The location is also quite unsightly, surrounded by warehouses, car repair shops, and next to an armory with a barbed wire fence. The profile picture of Lead Community Manager, which is accompanied by her emails, is a filtered selfie in which she puts her lips in a duck face… Didn`t imagine that someone would put such a thing on Facebook, let alone have it as a photo of your workstation. They also constantly harass you with emails and flyers throughout the year to renew your lease. The Internet is terrible. It took us two weeks to get the Wi-Fi password from our room. The Internet is constantly operating at either about 5 Mbps or at a complete shutdown. Very rarely, it works properly. You can use an Ethernet cable to get around this, but there is only one Ethernet socket in your bedroom.

My exit was ripped off when I got there, and it took 3 maintenance requests for someone who just installed an electrical outlet and of course it broke physically and immediately fell off the wall. The only good thing about this place is the pricing which, admittedly, is cheap. The rooms are fully furnished, but the furniture is horrible. The sofas have no armrests, the fridge is old and tiny, the “Wardrobe” is four tiny drawers that can`t hold all anyone`s clothes, the ceiling fans are low, but also somehow very noisy, the hot water sometimes doesn`t work, the fan in my bathroom doesn`t work, and my bed feather was broken on arrival. Not to mention that the place is further from campus than almost any other student complex. TL; DR: Cheap, but don`t think you get a deal, you get what you pay for. Yes, yes. Hotel regulations are included for family members with a child under the age of 18 (18) who resides with (i) at least one parent, legal guardian or any other person in custody of the child under the age of 18, or (ii) the home of a parent or other person with that custody, with the written permission of that parent or another person. For family households with children, all household members aged 18 and over must apply and (B) sign the lease as residents. In family homes with children under the age of 18 (18), at least two (2) people can occupy a single room.

If a family household with children under the age of 18 (18) requires additional occupancy per room, additional occupants may be admitted on a case-by-case basis on the basis of factors such as room size and unit, age of children, accommodation configuration, all physical accommodation restrictions and local occupancy codes. If the 18-year-old is 18 (18) years old during the rental period, the lease agreement may be entered into, but the extension is only available in accordance with the Occupancy Directive, as indicated. Children less than twenty-four (24) months at the time of signing the lease are not counted as part of the occupancy policy for maximum occupancy purposes, but are counted for subsequent contracts if they reach the age of twenty-four (24) months during the term of the lease.

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